Artistic Director 

Possessing a gift for bringing people together, Amira Fouad is a brilliant creative director and organiser of music events, festivals and master classes. Amira Fouad is the artistic director and organiser of several musical events including her own Festival of the Nile, a celebration of chamber music held in Egypt and several European capitals.

The Festival of the Nile is a collaboration of international and Egyptian musicians performing in Cairo and Alexandria sponsored by top international and Egyptian companies. The artists of The Festival of the Nile perform concerts in universities and schools, give sponsored concerts for charities as well as private exclusive performances for the sponsors themselves.

The Festival has commissioned new works by exciting Egyptian composers to be premiered in Egypt as well as in Europe. Amira Fouad co-ordinates everything concerning The Festival of the Nile – from the hiring of the artists and the programming of the concerts to the securing of the sponsorship, booking the venues and arranging the European tour. She meets with schools and universities and plans the concerts, master classes and lectures. She also performs during the festival as the principal pianist both as a soloist as well as an accompanist. 

Amira Fouad is one of the founders and directors of Musique en Armagnac, summer master classes for young musicians. Musique en Armagnac included classes such as Theory, Music History, Keyboard Classes, Piano Tuition, Ear Training, and Performance Practise. The masterclasses are planned and executed meticulously with collaboration from fellow pianists and music educators, Grant Mead and Timothy Murray. 

The master classes are held in the South of France and attract a dedicated following of students each season. The progress of the average student during a one-week master class session equals to that of a term’s music lessons By collaborating with other key professional music educators, co-ordinating the levels of the students, then planning a bespoke curriculum, a brilliant summer piano school was formed.


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Amira Fouad curates 'Music in the Studio' at Dubai Opera
Amira Fouad curates 'Music in the Studio' at Dubai Opera

An intimate series of chamber music performances by some of the world’s finest artists. ...

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